New Year’s Resolution? New arrangement of a room for a child!

Probably everyone at least once in his life set his New Year’s resolutions. You definitely too. The New Year is the perfect time for changes. It encourages people to leave old sorrows behind their backs and to move energetically towards the new. That is why gyms are full in January and dietary products disappear faster from store shelves. We, however, have a completely different idea for a New Year’s resolution. What? In 2021, we will arrange a new room for a child! Will you join us?

New children’s room for the New Year!

The decision to redecorate a child’s room is not only a great challenge for you, but also a great gift for your child. Children’s room is a place to play, learn and rest. It is important to choose the right children’s furniture and arrange the space so that the child feels comfortable and safe. After all, your own room is the place where your child spends the most time.

How to arrange a room for a child?

The children’s room should be arranged in such a way that your child feels good in it. Therefore, if you plan to repaint the walls, choose his favorite colors. Divide the room into clear zones: play, study and rest. If the room is small, use smart solutions for small spaces.

Also, remember to choose the size of children’s furniture appropriately. Children should have easy access to all the clothes, toys and other items they need. If he is able to take a T-shirt out of the closet or put books away on a shelf, he will learn to be independent faster.

What furniture for a child’s room?

Every, even the craziest arrangement, cannot do without some basic elements of the children’s room decor. Furniture that should definitely be in a children’s room is:

  • bed,
  • wardrobe,
  • desk,
  • chair.

A chest of drawers, a comfortable armchair, a bookcase or shelves on the walls and of course a lot of accessories will also be useful. With their help, even without a thorough renovation, you can completely change a child’s room.

Properly selected furniture will make a child’s room a wonderful dreamland. On the market you will find a lot of furniture for children that impress not only with functionality, but also with beautiful designs. Choose those that, apart from fulfilling their basic functions, will also support the child’s creativity and help develop their imagination.

Choose furniture for a child’s room from our ROOF collection if you appreciate fancy shapes and magic hiding places.  A bed with a hood, encourage for creative fun not only your child, but also you!  You can also choose a minimalist Peekaboo collection with a hint of mystery and design a cozy, comfortable interior in which your child will want to sit for hours! And if you are wondering which chest of drawers for a child to choose, check out our previous article.

A room for a child – safety comes first!

When arranging a children’s room, always remember to put safety first. Even the most beautiful piece of furniture can be an unpleasant disappointment, so check beforehand that the materials used in the production certainly do not pose a threat to your child.

Kutikai children’s furniture is handmade, in compliance with all safety standards. The materials used in the production are of the highest quality and have the necessary approvals. This furniture is solid, stable and easy to assemble at the same time. You can easily assemble them yourself at home.

No more boring furniture for your child!

Children’s room is supposed to be a place full of inspiration! Therefore, give up boring, repetitive patterns and bet on new ideas. Maybe it will be a bed with a hood? Or maybe a chest of drawers with a secret hole? Whatever you choose, your child will surely be satisfied with the makeover of the room. And you will have great satisfaction. That is why it is worth keeping the New Year’s resolutions!

A baby will show up in your home? Check how to prepare for it!

You buy a layette before the baby is born, so it would seem that you can do it quickly, easily and with pleasure. Nothing could be more wrong. Choosing the right layette for many parents caused a headache. How to avoid this and prepare well for the arrival of a new family member? We’ll tell you right away.

Layette for a child – safety is the most important

First of all, you need to consider what is the key issue when choosing equipment for your newborn baby. Will it be a convenience? Quality? Suitable design? None of these things. There is one basic criterion that you must ALWAYS consider first, safety.

It is not possible for your child to use equipment that does not meet the most stringent safety requirements. Always check whether the children’s accessories you choose have the appropriate approvals or certificates and whether they are made of appropriate materials. This way, your baby will be safe and you will be calm.

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What to pay attention to when buying a layette for a child?

Once you have checked whether the selected equipment is safe, you can consider other aspects. Pay attention to the price-quality ratio, comfort and appropriate design.

  • Value for money

When you care about something, you easily fall into the trap of “the more expensive the better”. Remember that the price depends on many factors. You should not save on baby equipment, but it is always worth considering what you are really paying for – for excellent quality or maybe for a popular brand? The same applies to an exceptionally favorable price. Good materials, safety certificates, tests – it all costs money. If the price is too low, the product may not meet your expectations. Therefore, when choosing a layette for a child, be guided not so much by the highest or lowest price, but above all the price-quality ratio.

  • Comfort

It is obvious that when a child is comfortable, their quality of life increases. We have already written about how a good mattress affects a child’s sleep. Therefore, if you are buying a crib, for example, check the mattress first. Remember that your child will spend a significant amount of their time on it.

  • Appearance

Appropriate design is a very important aspect of children’s equipment. A child develops an aesthetic sense from an early age. Surrounding it with nice things will help develop a sense of beauty. It is also important that children’s equipment has elements encouraging creativity. Sometimes even an ordinary little hole in the place of the handle will make the child find inspiration for new games.

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What is included in the layette for a child?

You already know that a baby layette should be, above all, safe, comfortable, nice and preferably at a good price. But what specific things do you need to get started?

Think about the crib first. We recommend you a comfortable, safe crib from the Peekaboo collection, which “grows” with your child! You can adjust the height level, adapting them to the current needs of your child. The minimalist design will suit any room, and the quality of the materials will make the furniture last for a long time.

A changing table will also be useful for the children’s room. This is a convenient option for mom and comfortable for the baby. Bet on light and mobile equipment to be able to take it with you anywhere in the house. Our changing table from the Peekaboo collection is aesthetic, safe and functional. It is easy to clean and weighs little. It perfectly fits the chest of drawers and a bed from the same collection.

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Parenting is a big change!

You can read hundreds of guides, follow thousands of blogs and watch countless programs on TV, but the arrival of a child will still be a whole new situation for you. You will never be able to prepare 100% for parenting, because your child will find a way to surprise you.

When you become a parent, everything you knew and thought so far turns upside down. There are, however, a few things you can prepare before your baby arrives in the world to make your life easier. One of them is a decent layette, so make careful decisions and buy only those things that you have full confidence in.

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5 simple ideas for fun that your child will love

“I’m bored!” – if you are a parent, you have heard these words hundreds of times. What to do when you want your child to have fun? Remember that simple ideas are best because they stimulate the imagination and develop creativity. Use our tips and give your child great fun. Or maybe you will decide to join you kid?

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Paper not only for drawing

A plain sheet of paper inspires many games. You can draw, paint and paste on it. You can fold airplanes and origami. You can make cutouts and cards. And you can also… make sounds out of it! It is enough to take care of the silence in the room and a pile of paper. Blow, fan and shake the cards together with your baby. Put them on the floor and tap the paper together with your fingertips. Hit with your whole hands – does this sound remind you of something? Check what the paper sounds like when you crimp it, and how when you tear it to pieces. Finally, crumple all the pages and have a paper snowball fight – perfect fun even in the middle of summer!

Bet on board games

Board games are great entertainment for long evenings. If you are bored with the ones you have at home, make your own! All you need is a large sheet of paper, crayons, stickers and markers. Think of the rules together, draw a board, think about what to make pawns from. Then play by modifying the rules as the game unfolds!

Playing with music is great!

There are many musical games that can keep a child occupied for hours. However, when you get bored of dancing, fitness, fashion shows and mini playback shows, try to look at the music from a different angle and create your own melodies! But not with a guitar, flute or keyboard. Hit the pots, lids, pans and spoons. Fill the boxes with buttons and fill glasses with water. And play – as beautiful as you can.

Make your own base

Children love to hide. Hiding places give them a sense of security and comfort, so create a unique base for your child. You need chairs, a blanket and battery lights. All you need to do is spread the blanket over the chairs and hang lamps inside. A base prepared in such a way is an enchanted hollow, castle dungeons and a hut in the forest! You can also use furniture from ours Roof Collection – models with a visor are perfect as a home hideout.

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The floor is lava

You surely remember this game from your childhood. It is fabulously simple. You only need legs, furniture and a floor. See how long your child can move around the house without going to the ground. Pump up the fun by adding your own rules. Which piece of furniture is allowed only once? At what point can you change your position? Set up a lava obstacle race in your apartment and see who will be the fastest!

Playing with children – ideas

Even the most interesting toys and the best electronic gadgets will never replace your presence. Use our ideas or try your own to spend great time with your child while having fun. This is how your most beautiful memories will be made.

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Cleaning – annoying duty or fun together?

Did you know that from an early age a child has a strong need to own something?

Even three-year-olds need their own objects, space and their own furniture – and they want to decide what goes on in their tiny kingdom. Another important need in a child is not without significance – i.e. independence. Surely you have heard from your child the words: “Myself!”. And just as you can easily teach your child to eat on his own, even though it usually ends up in a pretty mess in the kitchen, you can also let your own clean up in the room. What if it ends up in weird chaos? Well, Rome wasn’t built in a day

When to start? Already a two-year-old who can walk could learn to put things back and clean up his toys. Approach it as fun and you will make cleaning pure entertainment. And how about the time spent together? This is a value that cannot be overestimated.

A place for all treasures


The first step should be to purchase a suitable children’s bookcase. It is important that it is adapted to the child’s height, aesthetic and safe. This is what our furniture is like.

You will surely like the bookcase from the ROOF collection, which is light in its form. Or maybe you would prefer the crazy PEEKABOO bookcase? Check them out and see with your imagination how wonderfully they complement the space in the children’s room.

Both shelves are made of the highest quality materials in an ecological way, have safety certificates and are simply beautiful! Each of them will suit a modern children’s room.

Your child’s first decisions


When there is a bookcase in the room, start learning to clean up.

Make tidying the room an exciting challenge for your child. Will the entire collection of colorful books fit on the top shelf? Or maybe it’s better to put them downstairs? Which shelf will be the best for holiday souvenirs? Make these decisions together, but be sure to give your child the freedom to express his opinion. Let him know that he can make his own choices – even if it means that the figurine will stand sideways on the shelf and the teddy bears will be pushed to the very back.

There will also be room for a greeting card from grandparents or a snowball brought from the first holiday. Books do not have to be arranged according to size or colors – it is important that after the game is over, they go to the shelf, not to the floor.

An organized, neat space in a children’s room is necessary. But that doesn’t mean it has to be boring! Regardless of whether you choose the ROOF bookcase or the PEEKABOO bookcase, you can be sure that it will appeal not only to you, but also to your child.